Probiotic cultures for dogs and cats - Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL

Lactic Ferments probiotics for Dogs and Cats - Lactobacillus acidophilus D2 / CSL

Intestinal probiotics for the health of your dog and your cat!!

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic bacterium that already lives naturally in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs and cats and has great beneficial effects for their intestinal health: Indeed the lactobacillus is useful to inhibit the proliferation of unwanted bacteria and at the same time to increase the animal’s resistance to the invasion of external microorganisms, working in cooperation with the other immune defenses.

Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL (CECT 4529) is an intestinal probiotic intended for supplements and food for dogs and cats (authorized by the EU Regulation 2018/1558 dated 17 October 2018 in the functional group of "intestinal flora stabilizers")

The function of the probiotic for dogs and cats Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL is to re-establish the balance between lactobacilli and unwanted bacteria within their intestine, improving their intestinal health (proven by the better quality of their feces) and restoring their digestive functions at physiological levels.

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Lactic Ferments for Dogs and Cats - Lactobacillus Acidophilus D2/CSL | Sacco System
Intestinal Probiotic for Supplements and Foods for Dogs and Cats. Only the best for their intestinal health! Find out more!