Probiotics for plants and agriculture

Probiotics for Plants and Agriculture

Bacteria occurring naturally in the soil play a key role in plant health and form the basis for a successful crop. Use of microorganisms in agriculture helps to naturally promote growth and health of plants and agricultural products.

The expertise and advanced agricultural technology of Sacco System enables it to produce the best probiotic microorganisms on an industrial scale, with a high load and excellent microbiological purity, implementing rigorous quality controls on all raw materials.

The strict screening phase performed in the lab, in greenhouses and in open fields enables precise identification of the microorganisms that are effective in all phases of plant development, to provide biostimulant and biocontrol products to agricultural and agri-food companies around the world.

The variety and health of ecosystems is of the highest concern, in order to improve yields and ensure sustainability, ecology and the health of all organisms involved.

The team of Sacco System experts is ready to support the customer for consulting, supply and product development projects, for innovation in a sector in continuous transformation, constantly looking for effective and sustainable solutions.


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Probiotics for Plants and Agriculture | Sacco System
Probiotic Microorganisms to support Growth and Health of Plants and Agricultural Products. Discover all of the Sacco System products!