Made for you

Made for you

Your tailor made solutions into the microbiome world. 

At Sacco System we aim to be your all-in-one partner, we take care of the manufacturing and science, and you can stay focused on your business. 

Process development & fermentation

Sacco System offers a complete suite of services to develop and scale up Probiotics, Postbiotics and Microbial Therapeutics for supplement, biotech and pharma companies. 

This expertise includes the development of processes and dossiers for aerobic and anaerobic strains and includes:

  • Media screening and optimization
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Cell bank preparation and validation (RCB,MCB and WCB)
  • Process development and scale up
  • Lyophilization
  • Production in GMP from clinical to industrial scale
  • Stability studies

Product formulation

Our business development team can support the design of the final concept, from the definition of the scientific rationale to the selection of the most appropriate pharmaceutical form to shortcut our partner’s way to market.

In vitro and in vivo trials

The market is increasingly looking for scientifically based solutions. Sacco System has a dedicated team to help you increase the value of your products. We can assist you with defining the experimental design and characterizing your product in vitro or through clinical trials.

Market Expansion

We can help our partners in entering new markets by offering a broad range of services such as market analysis, distributor scouting, distributor management, registration support, the definition of branding and marketing strategies, connection to third-party service providers as laboratories, contract manufacturing organizations and authorities.

Regulatory Support

Whether you need support in entering new markets, or whether you are working on the dossier for a new biotherapeutic, you will find experts at your service at Sacco System.

Molecular biology & laboratory analysis

With decennial experience in microbiology and thanks to our extended in-house R&D department, we offer several wet labs and in-silico assays to better characterize your products to satisfy your needs.

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Microbiome | Made for you - Sacco System
Process Development, Trials, Molecular Biology, Market Expansion, Regulatory Support: Your Tailor Made Solutions into the Microbiome World.