LACTOSIL 3.0 (Lactobacillus plantarum 14D / CSL) is made from a selectionspecific of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria, from the best Italian fodder; it is the dominant strain in all silages coming from over 30 years of experience of CSL in silage science.

Silage is a fermented food that is successful if it is palatable for animals, if it is safe for their health and if it is safe for the dairy chain; LACTOSIL leads the silage fermentation in the right, acid, direction.
Piloting the fermentation in the right direction means using the right technique, the right bacteria and the right dosage of bacteria. LACTOSIL ensures a large number of viable lactic acid bacteria (10 times higher than that of its competitors) ensures a rapid lowering of the pH of the ensiled mass, inhibiting the microorganisms that are unfavourable for conservation and/or pathogenic for the livestock.
LACTOSIL allows for the reduction of loss of dry substance and increases the nutritional value of the silage; it reduces the presence of clostridia spores, produces appetizing aromatic substances for the animals and allows for the early opening of the silo.
The silage is thus safer, more appetizing and nutritious, improving animal healthiness, the profitability of the farm and the quality of the final dairy products.

BIOSILGAS: increases the available energy for biogas digester!
The production of methane is only the latest of a series of fermentation goals folloqing each other in cascade. A series of goals leads to the expected final fermentation goal: maximum ENERGY EFFICIENCY that is maximum economic yield of methanogenesis. 

The first goal for maximum energy efficiency is the MAINTENANCE OD AVAILABLE ENERGY of the ensiled biomass for digester feeding. The ensiled biomass preserves most of the available energy only troough an EARLY LACTIC FERMENTATION, due to the growth of good strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). On the contrary, the growth of non-LAB causes bad silage fermentation and poor acidification, with losses of available biomass/bioenergy, that is transformed into heat, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

BIOSILGAS is the starter from which the ENERGY EFFICIENCY in methane production begins !

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