Special milk enzymes which complete replacing yeast allow doughd to leaven.
We selected only the best lactic ferments from  a SOURDOUGH STARTER and realized a FERMENT STARTER, that raises any type of dough, with no obligation to add yeast.

The ferment starter
The FERMENT STARTER is easy to use: it is used in bread baking, similarly to an instant yeast, allowing the dough only a few hours to rise.
Baking with the FERMENT STARTER is the true revolution which yeast intolerant people have been waiting for, but even more so by gourmets in search of particular products, with the ancestral tastes of bread and pastries.

The advantages:
• it produces LEAVENED PRODUCTS WITHOUT YEAST with bacterial strains having marked gas generator activities, for people with intolerances
• it improves the volume and softness of leavened products combining bacterial strains with marked gas generator activities and leavening
• it eliminates the cool down and bread making with the direct method
• it controls the defect of "stringy bread"
• it brings back the natural flavor of "bread from the past "
• it retards staling and increases shelf life
• it allows the possibility to produce "tailored" products


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