probiotics and live lactic ferments  for the health and well-being

Probiotics – What they are and what they are useful for

Probiotics are a specific category of lactic cultures which, according to the official definition of FAO and WHO, "when administered sufficiently, confer a benefit to the health of the guest".

Probiotics are also defined “live lactic cultures” and they give special benefit to the intestine, but can have beneficial effects for the whole body. In particular they perform their action where there is a greater bacterial load in individuals, therefore in addition to the intestine, also within the oral cavity, on the skin and in the vaginal area.

Sacco System probiotics - Live lactic cultures for every health and wellness need

Sacco System, thanks to the long production experience of the two group companies Sacco and CSL, to continuous scientific research and constant technological updates, produces and markets probiotics for people's health and well-being which are intended for different applications:

  • probiotics for the intestine health (irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal health, diarrhea)
  • probiotics for the health of the oral cavity (caries, halitosis, aphthas)
  • probiotics for the health of the skin (acne, atopic dermatitis)
  • probiotics for women's health (pregnancy)
  • probiotics for the immune system (upper respiratory tract infection)
  • probiotics for allergies (dust mite)
  • probiotics for the heart (cholesterol)
  • probiotics for sport (muscles and performance improvement)
  • probiotics for children and infants (respiratory and diarrhoea, infantile colics)

The functional and health-giving properties of Sacco System probiotics have been demonstrated by in vitro and in vivo studies. The strains are identified using the most modern molecular biology techniques and have been deposited in International Collections with the IDA status.

Sacco System it also offers a qualified service for the production and sale of probiotics strains for third parties (Toll Manufacturing e Licensing).

Sacco System probiotics - Download PDF:

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