Production and sale of probiotics for third parties

Sacco System offers a highly flexible and technologically advanced service for the development and industrialization of new probiotic strains, of the best known species (Toll Manufacturing), on behalf of third parties, with the aim of offering products with the highest charge and stability.

From research in the laboratory, to the development in a pilot plant up to the production on an industrial scale, Sacco System offers its collaboration for the marketing of single or mixed, proprietary or patented probiotic strains.

Knowhow, cutting-edge technologies, flexibility, research and development, production scalability and high-level certifications: the Toll Manufacturing Sacco service is a fundamental resource for any probiotic company without bioreactors, that find in Sacco System a reliable partner capable to support initial development, optimize the production process and follow the increase in product demand on the market.


Probiotic sales for third parties – Licensing

Thanks to its long experience in the field, Sacco System is also able to provide a support and sales service worldwide for probiotic strains produced and owned by third parties (licensing).

A reliable, experienced and well-introduced partner in the international market to help companies succeed and expand their probiotic business in the world.

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Production and Sale of Probiotics for Third Parties - Toll Manufacturing & Licensing | Sacco System
Development, Industrialization and Sale of Probiotic Strains for Third Parties around the World. Contact us for more Information!