Our 4PREMIUM+ SKYR+ represents modern defined Icelandic yogurt starter cultures. It contains selected Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from Icelandic original skyr together with selected Sacco strains to make a mild yogurt that meets today’s market demand. The original skyr product, from which the bacteria were isolated, was the KEA skyr óhrært. The selected 4PREMIUM+ cultures to enrich skyr taste and creaminess. The high protein content and calcium source for the modern consumer who follows a natural and healthy lifestyle. The old Icelandic recipe improved by our R&D team in years of research and innovation. Products: Lyofast YCE 438 A Lyofast YCE 439 A Lyofast YCE 128 A Lyofast YCE 129 A

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Lyofast YCE 438 A
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