lactic cultures for pasta filata cheeses, mozzarella pizza cheese, fiordilatte, provolone and cacio

With over 70 years of experience behind, Sacco has developed a range of lactic cultures for pasta filata cheeses and mozzarella to improve dairy production and create high-quality products, ensuring a simple flow and a reliable and constant production.

We call "pasta filata/stringy cheese" the cheese of which the curd is immersed in hot water (or in warm whey) and then subjected to "spinning". High temperatures and acidity transform the structure of the curd that becomes plastic and fibrous and therefore allows the cheese to melt and be pulled into filaments.

Examples of pasta filata cheeses are mozzarella, pizza cheese, fiordilatte, provola, provolone, caciocavallo. Sacco System has recently produced a new line of lactic cultures for the production of mozzarella pizza capable of guaranteeing a product with unique characteristics and exceptional performance.

Download the Sacco System pasta filata cultures brochure here!

MARGHERITA - Cultures to produce mozzarella for pizza

Thanks to study and passion, the Sacco System  Research and Development Department has made it possible for the company to develop  "MARGHERITA | Italian pizza cheese cultures", a new line of specific lactic acid bacteria for the production of mozzarella for pizza that ensures:

  • extra fermentation speed
  • improved stretchability
  • fine slicing
  • standardization of production time
  • low post acidification
  • excellent browning control.

The line of lactic cultures for pizza cheese "MARGHERITA" is made up of two specific products that guarantee an excellent speed of acidification and are available in freeze-dried and frozen versions (Lyofast and Cryofast):

  • ST Regina – M
  • ST Regina – S 

From passion and tradition, Sacco System has developed a unique product that brings the quality of Made in Italy to the top worldwide.

Download the Sacco System pizza mozzarella cultures brochure here!

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Lactic Cultures for Pasta filata and Mozzarella | Sacco System
A wide range of quality lactic cultures made in Italy for Mozzarella, Pizza Cheese, Fiordilatte, Provola, Provolone and Caciocavallo.