LABWARE Sacco System

It dates back on 1934, originally it meant simply instruments and devices for dairy testing.
Through the years the business has grown entering new markets; today the playground are Q.C. and R&D dept. of Food and Pharma companies as well as contract labs, universities and research institutes.
A team of a half dozen experts provides technical support on the whole range of products; such range (over 7.000 references) embraces items of the following categories:

• Glassware
• Sterile plastics and disposables
• Metallic, quartz, rubber, porcelain labware
• Filtration systems
• Personal and environmental hygiene and safety
• Chemical reagents
• Microbiology media and kits
• Chemical analysis of waters
• Dairy testing
• Thermometers, hygrometers
• Instruments and devices

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