Sacco System is the international biotechnological company dedicated to the food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries, based on tradition, expertise, research, and innovation which sells and distributes its ingredients in more than 110 countries around the world.

Today Sacco System is a worldwide company, that maintains a family spirit where people and human relations are at the center. Collaborators, suppliers, and clients are part of a large family based on care and respect. Sacco System wants to contribute to improving the well-being of humans, animals and plants, as as evidenced by the corporate mission: “Supporting food culture and life”.
The high quality of the products, the continuous and constant innovation process, the capacity to work on the sides of clients, knowledge sharing, the training of employees and an attention for the environment, are the pillars of the organization Sacco System.

Sacco System comprises more than 460 collaborators and a turnover of more than 150 million euros (2022). The production facilities are in Cadorago (Italy), Zelo Buon Persico (Italy), Skurup (Sweden) and Franksville (Wisconsin); there are branches in Singapore, France, Japan and a pilot site dedicated to biotherapeutics in Australia.

CSL FRANCE, founded in 1994, is the French branch of SACCO SYSTEM and has now changed its name to SACCO SYSTEM FRANCE. No changes will occur in the quality of the service and the products offered by SACCO SYSTEM FRANCE, which has been present for more than 30 years on the French market, in Benelux, and in French Africa. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of frozen and lyophilized cultures for acidification, aromatization, refinement, bio-protection, surface treatment, gasogenesis, coagulants, enzymes, and probiotics. The company is committed to providing a high level of technical assistance service and achieving commercial excellence dedicated to its clients.

“I am extremely proud of the journey started in 1994 by CSL France, which saw a name change to become Sacco System France, today, as in the past, always standing alongside French dairies, offering the best biotechnological solutions and technical consultancy services.
Sacco System France is now an essential part of the Sacco System group; over time, the Company has grown thanks to the commitment and competence of the People who have worked and collaborated at CSL France.
Looking ahead, I see numerous new opportunities, also arising from the markets of African countries. By persistently focusing on excellence in technical assistance and customer orientation, market results will only improve day by day. Sincere thanks go to the individuals who contributed to this success story” (Martino Verga – Ownership).

"The transition from CSL France to SACCO SYSTEM FRANCE is a significant moment, confirming our commitment to further enhance the tradition and unique characteristics of the leading dairy sector in France in a more modern and innovative manner" (Adrian Gauna - Sacco System Regional Sales Director).

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