Sacco System Supports Action4Diabetes' mission

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We are proud to announce that Sacco System has made a significant donation in support of Action4Diabetes' (A4D) mission—a UK-based charity committed to ensuring free access to crucial medical supplies, healthcare services, and ongoing education for disadvantaged young people living with Type 1 Diabetes in Southeast Asia. (web site)

This disease can be life-threatening if not properly treated, and unfortunately, many children in the region suffer due to limited access to basic healthcare. A4D is tirelessly working to change this reality. Viola Verga, board member of Sacco System, recently visited A4D in Vietnam and Laos.

Thank you, Action4Diabetes (A4D), for your commendable mission. Your commitment to making a positive impact on empowering young people with Type 1 Diabetes is an inspiration to us all.

We are extremely pleased to have contributed and supported your valuable daily work.

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Sacco System Supports Action4Diabetes' mission - Blog