A new era of baking with FERMENTO PADRE, the alternative to brewer's yeast!

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Not everyone knows that lactic bacteria are excellent allies for the leavening of baked goods and many realities have begun to use them as a substitute for yeast.
Using lactic cultures in the production of bakery products has a dual function: it allows you to replace the brewer's yeast and at the same time obtain bakery products with the typical taste of "old-time bread".

Lactic acid bacteria for leavening: how they work and what are the advantages

The use of lactic acid bacteria for leavening has a lot of advantages. First of all, unlike yeasts, lactic bacteria do not have allergens and therefore do not cause food intolerances at any extra dosage.

They develop an acid type fermentation, an alternative to that of brewer's yeast which is alcoholic, which leads to the production of gas (CO2) and the ionization of some mineral salts, thus improving their bioavailability and therefore the assimilation of essential micronutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium by our body.

Furthermore, some strains of lactic bacteria can produce antimicrobial substances resistant to high temperatures useful for improving the healthiness of the product and increasing its shelf-life.
Finally, thanks to their enzymatic and fermentation activity on the dough, the lactic bacteria give the consumer a more digestible and healthy product, suitable for all ages.

With these premises it is easy to understand that thanks to lactic bacteria it is possible to reduce or eliminate the use of brewer's yeast as a leavening agent. In the latter case, the product will be safe even for people intolerant to yeasts and will be characterized by the claim "no added yeasts".

Let's not forget that lactic bacteria improve the product from a sensorial point of view, giving the unmistakable flavor and aroma of "old-time bread" and improving the color of the crust and crumb.

Sacco System has selected the best lactic bacteria from mother yeast, creating an ad hoc product, the Fermento Padre™, which is suitable for baking by completely replacing the brewer's yeast. These enzymes are excellent for the production of baked goods such as pizza, bread and confectionery products and can also be used for the fermentation of gluten-free products.

How to use Fermento Padre in the baking process

The Ferment Padre™ in powder can be used in a very simple way: adding it during the baking process exactly as you do with an instant yeast.
From today you can see how simple it is to use Fermento Padre™ in the bread and pizza making process thanks to the Libero Impastatore Andrea Pioppi; you can watch how to make bread and pizza with Fermento Padre™ by clicking here

Fermento Padre allows you to make bread directly and also to delay the process of staling the product: the presence of organic acids improves the shelf life of the product as these act as anti-mold, increasing its shelf-life.

In conclusion, we can say that the Fermento Padre™ is a real revolution in the bakery world able to give us innovative bakery products but with an ancient taste!
The product is available for both professional and home use.

With Fermento Padre™, a new era of baking begins!

For more information: info@saccosystem.com

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A new era of baking with FERMENTO PADRE, the alternative to brewer's yeast! - Blog