COVID-19 UPDATE - We remain open and operating

  • COVID-19 UPDATE - We remain open and operating 1




Dear Valued Clients,


The Italian authorities have in the past 24 hours announced further measures with regards to managing the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst most businesses across Italy are now closed until April 3, all businesses deemed essential to the country’s supply chain can continue normal operations.

Our Italian factory sites (Caglificio Clerici and Sacco, Cadorago and Centro Sperimentale del latte, Zelo B.P.) have been deemed essential to Italy’s supply chain and therefore, remain open and operating as normal. We can reassure you that during this time our companies are able to support your needs and continuation of business.


Logistics and freight operations for outbound flow of goods remains in place, with airfreight operations continuing to operate from major airports.


As per our update on 12 March 2020, our continued containment policies for our manufacturing sites remain in place.

We will continue to provide regular updates on this evolving situation.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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COVID-19 UPDATE - We remain open and operating - Sacco System