Global yogurt trend

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Global yogurt trend

Yogurt comes from a milk's preservation process, but you never believe the discovering process, happened as a coincidence of a series of events.

The name yogurt is coined by the Turkish verb “Yogurmak” that means “to Thicken” and the first experimenters are the desert travellers upon their camels, during the 6TH century BC.

To bring nutrient milk with them, the Bedouins used containers made by the skin of animal stomachs. During the travel, the milk, mixed with animal’s enzymes present on the containers, and exposed to high desert's temperatures, got a transformation process, becoming a sour and creamy food with many nutritive values. From a mistake, they discovered one of the most famous and consumed products of the world.

Fundamentally, yogurt is heated and mixed with 2 live bacteria, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, good bacteria that keep our intestines healthy. The flavour is directly influenced by the greater or lesser presence of the lactobacilli in the yogurt: if it is very acid, in general, it means that there are few lactobacilli, if instead, it is sweet it is exactly the opposite.

Market value:

Currently the yogurt market is quite stable in its own growth. The rising level is equilibrated and durable, with a stable and positive forecast until 2025.

  Global yogurt sales are raising at CAGR* 4.7% yearly. The last year sales value has overcome the value of € 60 Billion and today as a global value of more than € 70 Billion.

Trend analysis:

Nowadays yogurt became a trend all around the world with an offer of many flavours and packages useful to satisfy every need and every palate. Moreover, yogurt has different declination, from the classic one, through the low fat and probiotic version, to the plant-based for vegan purposes.

The lead driver of the yogurt market is the flavour. Could you imagine the winners?  Strawberry is the leading flavour followed by vanilla, and the podium is completed by peach as the third-best flavour choice for yogurt's consumers.

“Tropical Yogurt”, with exotic flavours is the new line rising, with mango as the best flavour consumed.

*Compound Annual Growth Rate



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