Our 2020 sustainability report is online!

  • Our 2020 sustainability report is online! 1


We have published our second sustainability report, with the aim of communicating in full transparency the environmental, social and economic performance to all stakeholders, describing the initiatives undertaken and the results achieved in 2020.

During this year, the new coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our lives and the way we work. The health emergency has also made it clear that scientific research and innovation are the strongest weapons in helping us to face the challenges of the present and the future. It also demonstrated how much environmental, social and economic systems are intimately connected and interdependent.

It is necessary to keep the focus on sustainability, to help the transition to a better future in which everyone - individuals, communities, companies and institutions - work together to improve social and natural well-being. commitment, allowing us to monitor the progress of our performance, to highlight critical issues and strengths and to modulate our efforts and our commitment accordingly, to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive ones.

Indeed, the 2020 sustainability report represents for us not only an important communication tool and connection with all our stakeholders but also a fundamental control dashboard through which to have an overview of our actions that contribute to the sustainable development of the environment. in which we operate.

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Our 2020 sustainability report is online! - Sacco System