Sacco System is glad to announce its partnership with Landlab

  • Sacco System is glad to announce its partnership with Landlab 1


"Modern Agricultural innovation relies on sustainability and preservation of ecological balances. Our alliance with Landlab aims to develop innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly products, supported by the most rigorous and careful efficacy trials because we know that the success and the effectiveness of our products, depends on the health and the happiness of our Nature, our consumers and our future generations." Francesco Vuolo, R&D researcher.


Landlab is a cutting-edge research team, a place for pure thoughts, development and innovation for agriculture, active in this area for more than 20 years.

Steadily growing in the last decade, constantly changing, including new people from different cultures, origins and scientific backgrounds, Landlab knows how to renew, innovate, by investing in resources and technologies. We develop products intended for sustainable agriculture.

We deal with national and international global players but always focus on high value, efficient, environmentally sound solutions.

Our job is based on research, constant training, on pursue scientific quality, innovation of methods and techniques. Landlab promotes every individual as a professional bearing skill, know-how and values. We demand commitment, dedication, a spirit of cooperation, passion and creativity.

We deal with plants nutrition, bio-stimulation and protection, by developing new products with special care for the changes of this sector.

Therefore the long term agreement, partnership, with Sacco System is perfectly fitting our way of thinking and working, our spirit. We do trust in the value of networking where each node, each individual, free-thinking but strongly joint with the others has the best possibility to create innovative solutions.

Soil life has to be dramatically enhanced since it has been almost forgotten in the last years. Microbials, bacteria, yeasts will therefore have a growing role in this direction by promoting soil stability and the plants' wellbeing. Precisely identified Microbials consortia combined with balanced nutrition will be of high value in the robustness and performance of the crop.


We think that single tools, single players are not the solution, but only a far more holistic approach will better promote the maximum yield potential of the crops. Integration, combination, contamination, hybridization: key values for a truly progressive research flow. Therefore we were looking, for years, for a reliable partner in the plant-soil-microbiome area, for establishing long-term oriented cooperation. For three years Landlab and Sacco System have in place several research projects. From here we decided to move ahead and establish a stable joint innovation platform.

"We are now fully convincedLandlab & SACCO SYSTEM are on the same page, both devoted to going through this new and very promising path", says Adriano Altissimo, Co-Owner Landlab

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Sacco System is glad to announce its partnership with Landlab - Blog