Sacco System pursues Japan expansion opportunity

  • Sacco System pursues Japan expansion opportunity 1
  • Sacco System pursues Japan expansion opportunity 2


Sacco System, the convergence of international biotech excellence applied to the food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industry is now bringing its vast decades of experience to Japan with the opening of the subsidiary, SACCO SYSTEM JAPAN.

SACCO SYSTEM JAPAN was founded in May 2020 and has the focus of developing a tailored, profitable, and high growth dairy and probiotic business in the Japanese markets.

SACCO SYSTEM JAPAN will be based in Tokyo and will offer a large range of innovative products and technical service in promoting dairy cultures, cheese coagulants, and nutritional supplements (probiotic cultures).

To further strengthen its presence in Japan, Sacco System has appointed Ms Nanako Oikawa as CEO.

Ms Oikawa has extensive experience in big Japanese and Multinational Trading Companies.

“I worked for Sacco System for the last 9 years and saw many customers become fans of their products. I’m honoured to have this opportunity to work for «familiarizing» Sacco System brand more and more in Japan. Sacco System’s high-level technical information helps our customers to develop and improve products a lot and we will focus on providing technical support which I believe our customers expects of us”, says Ms Oikawa.

“The creation of the SACCO SYSTEM JAPAN subsidiary is a welcome addition to the Sacco System Group of companies. By having a permanent presence in this country, we will be able to give our partners strong support and increase our business development activities in the dairy cultures and probiotic market. This is an exciting step for our 145-year family company and we look forward to supporting our Japanese clients with our high-quality products and services”, says Mrs Iris Verga, member of the board directors of SACCO SYSTEM JAPAN.

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Sacco System pursues Japan expansion opportunity - Sacco System