Sacco System to Support Breakthrough Research on Infant Gut Health with Evivo®, the Baby Probiotic

  • Sacco System to Support Breakthrough Research on Infant Gut Health with Evivo®, the Baby Probiotic 1


Evolve BioSystems, Inc. is the manufacturer of Evivo®, a proprietary groundbreaking probiotic proven to resolve Newborn Gut Deficiency, which studies have shown affects more than 90% of babies in the U.S. Evivo contains activated B. infantis EVC001 which restores key bacteria to the infant's gut and guides critical development of infant's digestive and immune system.  Evivo works by favourably altering gut biochemistry to reduce potentially pathogenic bacteria by 80 per cent which in turn significantly reduces intestinal inflammation. Those pathogens and the inflammation which they cause are linked to a higher risk of both short- and long-term health issues including colic, diaper rash, eczema, asthma, allergies and even Type 1 Diabetes.

Martino Verga, CEO Sacco System
“We are impressed by the science that Evolve has done, and are excited to be within the European investors in Evolve. We believe in the mission of Evolve because our company CSL was the first company in Italy to study Lactic Acid Bacteria for human health.
One of Sacco System pillars is creative intelligence, with a focus on R&D and innovation. For this reason, we are proud to be a partner with Evolve, a company dedicated to developing the next generation of probiotics to improve life and wellbeing.
We strongly trust that there is always a probiotic that makes your life better”.

Sacco System and its reputation as a highly professional manufacturer of probiotics and other live biotherapeutics will support an investment that will help Evolve BioSystems, Inc in bringing Evivo® Baby Probiotic to Europe.


Tim Brown, CEO Evolve BioSystems, Inc.
“We are pleased to add Sacco to the growing list of investors in Evolve” said Tim Brown, CEO of Evolve BioSystems, “This investment from major Italian corporations signals the interest in Evolve’s proprietary product lines on a global Basis”.




About Evolve BioSystems, Inc.
Evolve BioSystems, Inc. is a privately held leading microbiome company in the U.S., dedicated to discovering and implementing solutions that improve the short and long-term health of infants worldwide. Launched at the University of California, Davis, following more than a decade of pioneering research at the Foods for Health Institute, Evolve has subsequently built substantial science and technology assets, focused on the nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology of the developing infant gut microbiome. The Company's breakthrough research shows that nine out of ten U.S. infants are suffering from Newborn Gut Deficiency, a dramatic shortage of protective bacteria in the infant gut microbiome that is associated with enteric inflammation, disruption of stool patterns, diaper rash, colic, and fussiness.  The Company’s revolutionary product Evivo has been shown to resolve these and other conditions in both term and preterm infants. Together with clinical research partners worldwide, Evolve is on a mission to establish B. infantis EVC001 as standard-of-care for all infants - for a better life-long health trajectory.  Evolve is a portfolio company of Horizons Ventures, Cargill, Manna Tree Partners, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johnson &Johnson Development Corporation.

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Sacco System to Support Breakthrough Research on Infant Gut Health with Evivo®, the Baby Probiotic - Sacco System