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Sacco System is the focal point of  international biotech excellence applied to the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Four independent companies - Caglificio Clerici, Sacco, CSL, Kemikalia - make up a unique network that shares resources and know-how, but it still maintains the characteristics and productive specificities of each company.

Sacco System provides its customers with healthy, natural and functional products, designed to improve the culture of food and life: customized projects, on a small or large scale, based on lactic acid ferments, food microorganisms, probiotics, enzymes, and laboratory equipment.

All the Sacco System’s technological solutions are the result of better research and testing applied to our food heritage, to health and to well-being.

Sacco System is a family company with local roots and international customers, the expression of an ancient knowledge that has evolved in line with nature in almost a century and a half of life, to be recognized as an industrial innovation excellence.

The Sacco System’s biotech talents are proud to be part of a network that believes in a better future and contributes to valorizing the competitiveness of Italian companies in the world.

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