Message from the Family

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In our work at Sacco System we pursue the ambitious goal of becoming a biotech centre of international excellence and our mission is that of “supporting food, culture, life”.
We are aware that nowadays it is essential to take a firm stance in order to continue to act in line with our values.  In the same way as we watch over our children and grandchildren, we are also concerned with guaranteeing the continuity of the family-run business’s economic and production activities, to continue to grow and create jobs, wellbeing and prosperity to share with our employees and their families, with society and with the environment we live in.
For this reason we believe it is fundamental to include sustainability among the company’s objectives, in this way declaring our commitment to reducing the impact on the environmental and human resources and, indeed, wherever possible, generating benefits for them, improving the quality of life inside and outside the company, while at the same time encouraging growth, innovation and competitiveness.
Over the years, the effort and commitment of everyone who has worked for us has allowed us to achieve ambitious goals: with the continued collaboration and engagement of everyone, we are sure that we will obtain excellent results in this new challenge to integrate sustainability. 

Sacco System. Family Spirit for Sustainability.
The Verga Family

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